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Rapala’s UN pact underlines its sustainability commitment


Rapala VMC has been accepted as a participant in a United Nations pact to get businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies.

The Finnish tackle giant has become part of the United Nations Global Compact in what the group’s President and Chief Executive Officer Lars Ollberg says reaffirms its commitment to responsible and ethical operations.

By aligning with global standards, Rapala aims to amplify its environmental stewardship and social responsibility. “Seeking membership of the UN Global Compact allows the company to leverage the expertise and resources of this esteemed organisation to further our sustainability agenda,” Rapala said in a statement.

“Driven by evolving regulations, particularly in the European Union, Rapala VMC acknowledges the importance of aligning with established organisations in promoting sustainable practices. Joining the UN Global Compact demonstrates the company’s proactive stance in meeting regulatory requirements and embracing best practices.”

Ollberg (pictured) added: “We believe that sustainable business practices and social responsibility are crucial for our planet and communities.”

The UN Global Compact, founded in 2000, is the world’s largest sustainability initiative. By joining, Rapala VMC aims to contribute to the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals and uphold principles, such as those concerning human rights, labour rights, environmental stewardship and anti-corruption.

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