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Legendary Megabass owner harnesses new materials to win more awards


Yuko Ito, the founder of Megabass and renowned product designer, has added to his long list of accolades by winning two prestigious awards for the brand new Orochi X10 series of rods (Image: GOOD DESIGN AWARD).

The rods were recognised in the internationally renowned iF Design Awards just months after winning a 2023 Good Design Award in Japan.

The judges of both awards drew special attention to the renewable material used in the construction of the rods. The Orochi X10 series features a finishing wrap derived from flax cellulose microfibrils which according to Megabass, gives the rods ‘superior lightness and dampening ability’ that ‘masterfully tame’ the blank’s axial shake.


Adds Megabass: “This not only results in a reduction of unwanted ‘noise’ but delivers a supple blank recovery experience that is a joy in hand and takes a step towards better stewardship of our world.” The use by Ito of the new eco-friendly finishing wrap puts the Orochi X10 series ‘at the bleeding edge of materials science.’

The iF Design Award received 10,000 submissions from around 70 countries and stands as one the most prestigious design awards in the world. It includes 132 renowned design experts from over 20 countries in its jury panel. Their task, according to the iF Design Award website, is to ‘find and award the best designs of the world.’

In making the award to the Orochi X10, the iF Design Award judges said that it proves ‘that environmental consideration does not have to come at the expense of performance.’


The Good Design Award has been established in Japan for more than 60 years with a mission to promotes problem-solving through design. It seeks to recognise products that will improve future society. It had this to say of the Orochi X10: “This is a next-generation design that incorporates sustainable materials to reduce CO2 emissions during the carbon-intensive production of fishing rods, without sacrificing high fishing performance.’

The multi-talented Ito, who is also an accomplished musician, artist and entrepreneur, is no stranger to being recognised by the iF Design Awards and the Good Design Award. He has been a winner of an iF Design Award in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. His list of Good Design Awards is even more impressive, running to around 200, thanks to his design work at Megabass but also ITO Engineering, a separate company that specialises in designing car parts.

His reputation as a giant amongst lure designers in Japan was further cemented by a second victory at the 2023 Good Design Awards, this time for Gorham bait, a new type of surface-feeding bait with a patented balancing system.

Says Megabass: “This patented moving balancer system significantly improves flight posture and cast distance, while providing optimal swimming balance for immediate action startup. As a result, Gorham’s attack range is dramatically increased, bringing far-off targets within easy reach.

“A dynamic, ultra-wide rolling wake action calls targets to Gorham from greater distances, inspiring frenzied surface attacks. The unique Ramble Tail provides an erratic disturbance that triggers the instincts of hesitant surface feeders. Gorham opens the door to new topwater potential, triggering bites from otherwise dormant targets.”

So, what is Ito’s secret? For that you need to look to the Megabass homepage, which tells visitors: “Megabass products are designed not only from the idea of ‘Form Follows Function’ but also from the design philosophy of ‘Form Follows Emotion.‘“

The inspiration, says Megabass, is the Katana sword, used and revered by the ancient samurai. “It featured a sharp cutting edge, and at the same time it was finished with beautiful elaboration, made possible by the superb Japanese workmanship of the time. It had enhanced value as an artistic piece as well as for its superiority in performance as a tool.  

“The artisan would forge the sword with pride, putting his soul in it. And samurai treated the Katana sword with dignity and with heart and soul. It means that Katana swords were not only the tool to slice flesh of an enemy but also the soul that was the centre of one’s life.

“Just like Katana swords, Megabass tries to provide ‘pride’ and ‘sensation’ to users in addition to enabling anglers to get their best results in fishing.”

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