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Check out the new kids on the block at Angling International LIVE


Two new kids on the block will be making their first trade show appearance at Angling International LIVE, determined to bring their own innovation to the European lure market.

Brothers Morgan and Pierre Binet – both in their mid 20s – founded AutoBoats Fishing from their home in northern France in 2019, with its unique line-up of soft fresh and saltwater lures that have since attracted a big fanbase in the north and mid-west of the country.

Pierre says that AutoBoats Fishing brings refreshing innovation to the world of lures by controlling the entire production process. It starts with him – an expert in materials and engineering – working on designs that combine a passion for fishing with French know-how.

The ‘Made in France’ ethos of the company gives the duo total control over all aspects of the business.

“A lot of people like to buy products that are made in their home country and that suits us just fine,” say the brothers. “It means simple shipping – no long wait for the products to arrive from Asia. Fast deliveries are ensured because we are close to all markets across Europe.

“We also use French or EU-sourced raw materials and don’t demand large minimum quantity orders – we can deliver a minimum of 100 lures.”

AutoBoats Fishing started out by designing its own seabass lures, but now boasts a portfolio of baits that can also be used for predator fishing – pike, zander and perch.

The eight-lure range has been designed and produced in-house and the brothers believe the next step is to introduce the results of their efforts onto the European stage at Angling International LIVE in September.

“We are getting known in France so the next step in our expansion is to introduce ourselves to markets across Europe. We want other people to know that we have top quality lures for their market that are available on their doorstep.

“We will be most keen to speak to people from the Netherlands and Germany – pike, perch and zander markets – and Spain and Portugal where there is a healthy seabass sector.”

Best sellers in its range include the Optimus Shad 90mm and 120mm. “We have developed the Optimus Shad to trigger bites from predators in both salt and fresh environments,” says Morgan. “It is particularly easy to use with a floating material that slows down the lure during descent and delivers a very pronounced rolling action.

“This lure stands out with its large-bodied design that makes it highly attractive. On the sides of the lure is a groove system which emits micro-vibrations that are attractive to predators.”

The Optimus Shad possesses all the attributes which the brothers believe delivers the winning formula – effectiveness, durability and beautiful colours.

Next up on the production line is a larger size Optimus model which at 180mm is designed for pike in Norway and North Sea cod. “We plan to evolve the range with new sizes and following the development of a new process, we are able to achieve highly detailed new colours,” added Morgan.

T: +33 789 512 991

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