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Show is perfect timing for Hungarian bait maker


Award-winning Hungarian bait brand Dovit is eagerly-awaiting Angling International LIVE this year at what it describes as a ‘very good’ time of the year for the business.

The company’s Bertalan Szikszai told Angling International: “We are looking forward to showing off new products for 2025. The timing of the show is very good for the planning of next year’s portfolio for wholesalers and distributors. It is our best opportunity to create interest in Dovit products.”

He added that, on the back of a very successful show last year, Dovit is looking forward to building on its export markets. “The European market is very important to us. Hungary is a small country with limited possibilities. Many years ago we opened our market in some other countries and we continue to receive positive feedback from these.

“We have exclusive distribution in Romania, Slovakia, Moldova and Macedonia. We would like to extend that to countries where Dovit products are not available.”

Szikszai believes that trade shows will always have an important role to play within the industry. “It is a whole new ball game when you can go into a booth and touch/feel, smell or try a product for the first time from an unknown brand rather than just see it in a catalogue. It could be the start of a new working relationship.

“We like and enjoy fishing shows because it is an opportunity to interact with different people. Sometimes these conversations result in the development of new products.”

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