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Connell ‘crushes’ the field with the help of Rapala


The 2024 REDCREST Final proved a triumph for Rapala’s CrushCity lure brand.

Dustin Connell became the first angler to win two REDCREST champion titles using a CrushCity bait yet to be officially launched.

“I caught all my fish this week on the Mooch Minnow,” said Connell, who finished almost  31lb clear of second place with a four-day total of 83lb to collect the $300,000 winner’s payout.

“This is a new bait that will be officially coming out at ICAST in July. Big spotted bass love it. It’s the perfect size and has two small tabs at the back that create a small, subtle swimming action.

“And instead of being straight-tailed, that little action man really gets them going. And it’s made from TPE so you can catch like 20 fish on each one. It’s unbelievable.”

Connell was added to the Rapala pro staff team in January this year, where he joined his friend Jacob Wheeler, who helped develop the CrushCity baits and who finished five places behind him in the REDCREST.

The CrushCity line was launched by Rapala at the 2023 ICAST show, becoming the first soft baits produced by the Finnish company under its own brand.

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