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Nays targets Europe with unique range of fishing tackle


One of Germany’s most progressive and innovative suppliers of fishing tackle is eyeing the rest of Europe.

Nays has been making waves in its domestic market and believes the time is right to expand its market reach. Julien Quester, its Business Development Manager, tells Angling International why it could be a good fit for your company.

Why has Nays exploded in Germany and what has been the secret of your success?
The company was founded in 2018 by Dustin Schöne and Marcel Mandry. Dustin is a multiple tournament champion and today Nays consists of a dedicated team of tournament anglers, engineers and designers who share the goal of developing fishing products that meet the highest standardsOur products have proved their effectiveness through numerous successful angling tournaments. In addition to this, Nays is known for unique designs, professional marketing, outstanding quality and excellent customer service. With years of experience from our founders as well as our professional team, we always strive to be state-of-the-art and continuously evolve without standing still. This philosophy is appreciated by our customers and has contributed to making us what we are today.

What is your mission?
Nays aims to deliver the highest quality fishing gear to ambitious anglers around the world. All products have been designed, crafted and tested adhering to the highest professional standards. In every piece of Nays you find the deep practical experience of tournament fishermen and international engineering competence. Let Nays provide more professional quality to your fishing experience. Our marketing focus is on our social media channels, where we share high-quality content about our products on a daily basis.

What are anglers saying about your products?
They love the distinctive design and high quality of our products. Each lure is developed in-house, undergoing an extensive testing phase to ensure our originality. Our young and experienced team continuously incorporates not only the latest trends, but drives innovation in our products.

Why do you think they will be popular in other markets across Europe? We are expanding our social media presence beyond Germany, broadening our reach. Supplying over 200 retailers outside Germany, especially in France, the DACH region and the Netherlands demonstrate the wide appeal of our products and customer appreciation. We have a YouTube channel which reaches more than 100,000 viewers across Europe every week and we work with various Nays fishing team members in different European countries.

What products do you think will be particularly popular across Europe, and why? In our experience, the requirements are very different in the various regions of Europe. We already have a comprehensive range that can be used to fish for all predators. From big baits for pike fishing to small lures for finesse techniques, we have everything in our range. In addition to lures, we also have a rod series – Nays One – in our range since 2022. It has been so successful that we had to reorder just a few days after launch. A new series will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. We continue to work on improving our portfolio and adapting to the needs of our customers. Therefore, we are listening to the feedback from our social media community and our dealers, with whom we always work closely.


What are your best selling products? It’s not easy to determine as we consistently introduce new lures and colour variations to our line-up almost every two months. These additions sell out rather quickly, making it difficult to make direct comparisons between different lure models. However, our MD MX jerkbait, PRDTR low action paddle tail and MZ RNNR spinnerbait are always selling well. Our delivery capacity is very good and stable, allowing us to restock sold-out products quickly.


What kind of partners do you want to work with? We prioritise companies who value product quality and embrace our modern, unique design language. We seek dealers willing to offer innovative fishing tackle.

Why should businesses across Europe work with you/what can you offer them? We can offer good and fair margins, price stability, high demand, innovative products and exceptional B2B and B2C customer support alongside creative and outstanding social media support.

E: sales@naysbaits.com www.naysbaits.com

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