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From humble beginnings: the Spanish tackle business marking 75 years


It all started with fishing spoons and two friends Patxi Gutiérrez (below left) and Rodolfo Echeverria (below right).

Seventy-five years later Evia from Eibar, in the Basque country of Spain, is an international player on the world stage with a product line-up that includes rods, reels, hooks, line and accessories.

So, what is the secret?

“Over the years EVIA has managed to establish itself in practically every corner of Spain thanks to its tireless sales network that goes the extra mile to reach every part of the country,” says EVIA today. “Currently, our brands are present in over 1,000 stores and we provide personal attention to all of them, Direct interaction and quality service have always been the hallmarks of the country. Fishing stores are our most important advocates. They are fundamental to EVIA’s history. Without them, we would not have come this far.”

From the 2,000 references in its early catalogues, EVIA now works with over 16,000 from its prestigious brands that include HART, YAMASHITA, VERCELLI and ASARI. Its presence permeates throughout Europe with distribution in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK.

EVIA adds that as a native of Eibar and used to evolving and facing new challenges, it never stops looking to the future. “In 1990, we launched the first clothing collection for HART. This marked our foray into the world of hunting. In 2002 Skyway, a business dedicated to the sales of weapons, ammunition and accessories, further solidified our commitment to a sector that now accounts for almost 40% of group sales.”

The EVIA Group now encompasses brands from the fishing, hunting, outdoor sectors (EVIA, HART, SKYWAY and KNINE), airsoft world (SECUTOR and RAGNAR) and more recently, motorcycling (ROCK TOOL). “We are established throughout Europe and have distribution in several countries in North Africa,” it adds.

“However, passion for fishing has been part of the company’s DNA from its origins. That’s why the commitment to promote the activity has always been strong and seen us collaborating with federations, clubs and entities that work in favour of fishing.

“Times change and some not always positive images of activities like fishing and hunting present an uncertain future. At EVA we assume the obligation to convey a healthy, professional and attractive image of fishing to ensure that future generations continue to embrace this exciting hobby. Fishing is a sport open to everyone regardless of gender, age or social status and it is up to us to convey this message.”

‘Our history is written by you’ is the motto chosen by EVIA to celebrate 75 years. EVIA adds: “The history of EVIA is that of Patxi Gutierrez and Rodolfo Echeverría – but it is also about many workers who have spent most of their lives at EVIA. Of course, it is also the history of our suppliers and customers – often friends – who have made it possible for EVIA to be a reference in sportfishing throughout Europe. And undoubtedly our history is the history of thousands of fishermen who have trusted us for 75 years to share unforgettable moments.”

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