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Fishing features heavily in record year of Globeride patent filings


Globeride, the Japanese owner of tackle manufacturer Daiwa, saw the highest growth of patent files and patent grants for October in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Compared to the previous year’s quarter, patent filings were up by 136% and grants by 199%, with fishing products featuring heavily as Globeride focused on protecting its inventions.

Leading the list of patents were those in the capture/wild fishing category, followed by golf, orthopaedic services, bpm solutions and aerospace. Nearly 85% of patents were filed for capture/wild fishing in quarter four of 2023, 54% of which were granted.

Japan, South Korea, the US and China are among the top ten patent offices where Globeride files its patents. The company had 56% of its grants in Japan, 21% in the US and 3% in Europe.

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