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Award-winning Wizard Catmagnet is a real ‘tearaway’


Hungarian tackle company Energofish has invented a product that it says will help catfish anglers catch more fish as well as being more environmentally friendly.

The Catmagnet is the latest award-winning invention to come from the company’s Wizard predator brand and is the brainchild of designer Nieto Ramón.

Ramón was challenged with finding an alternative to what is known as the ‘tearing’ method, which involves the end rig being moored by a lower strength line than the main line. In the event of a bite, the weaker length breaks and the playing of the fish begins.

But although this provides a more direct connection between the end tackle and the rod, the downside is that single-use line is left in the water. For a solution, the experienced designer turned to magnets.

The re-usable structure consists of two units joined by a magnet. The white floating unit can be fixed or allowed to run on the main line, while the blue component holds the line necessary for attaching to nearby structures like reeds, bushes, trees, buoys or similar anchor points. When a fish bites and tension is applied and the magnetic field is broken and the fish is on.

“The essence of the idea is that we have replaced the line used for tearing with a reusable product,” explains Ramon (pictured below left with Energofish CEO Istvan Pal). “This means we are not contaminating the environment with fishing line. And after landing the fish and re-baiting, the Catmagnet can be reassembled very quickly for fishing to resume.

“The parts are injection-moulded polymer for long-term use and are completely resistant to being trod on. They are also self-coloured, so there is no risk of paint flaking off.”

The development of the Catmagnet has left nothing to chance. Both units float so can be retrieved should the rig break. They are also equipped with reflective foil so can be seen in the dark, and light sticks can be snapped onto their surface to further increase visibility.

“Today, due to the information revolution, it is not easy to produce unique products and this is not good for the tackle industry,” says Energofish CEO István Pal. “However, those companies who invest the necessary time and effort and who are prepared to dig deep will develop and improve.

“This is what Energofish does continuously. We are constantly developing and expanding our range with solutions for predator anglers. In this instance, the team has worked on improving our Wizard family of products to make life easier for catfish anglers. This product was not available anywhere on the market until now.”

Though only recently on the market, the patented Catmagnet has already been endorsed by international awards, firstly at the Hungarian Design Awards and then at EFTTEX 2023.

“Lots of time has been spent at the design table and on the test phases to get the Catmagnet where we want it,” added Pál. “We are extremely proud of the result and the awards it has received.”

E: info@energofish.com

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