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Is this the best clear floating line on the market?


Three years of development, 16 iterations of material, eight variations of slickness formulas and 2,500 hours of field testing have culminated in the launch of a new fly line by Scientific Anglers (SA).

According to the Midland, Michigan manufacturer, its new Magnitude Clear Floating saltwater lines usher in a new era in fishing technology, with the technologies loaded into the line making it the best clear floating line available.

The key is in the coating, says SA. Duracoat is a dual polymer that optimises line stiffness, slickness and abrasion resistance while significantly reducing line memory and resultant tangles.

Further enhancements include EST Plus, an eco-friendly slickness additive for durability and smoother shooting; and Clear Floating Technology (CFT) that uses naturally buoyant polymers for stealthy presentation.

Available tapers are: Grand Slam 6-12 weight, Infinity Salt 7-12 weight, Bonefish Plus 6-9 weight, and Tarpon 10-12 weight. Clear tip and full clear options are available for each taper.

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