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Fishing’s longest distribution deal ends after 96 years


The longest fishing distributorship deal in the history of recreational fishing – lasting 96 years – has ended.

Illinois-based Banks Inc says it takes great pride in its journey with Mustad USA from its humble beginnings to its status as one of the most iconic names in the fishing industry.

Banks Inc’s Principal, Trip Banks, told Angling International: “Together we have built a legacy that will be remembered for generations and is testament to the dedication we have both given to the business. As Mustad USA transitions to an internal sales model with its talented staff, we extend our heartfelt best wishes for its continued success.

“Throughout this 96-year evolution we have constantly adapted to changing market dynamics and industry trends. One thing remains constant, however, is our commitment to face-to-face meetings, nurturing valuable relationships with every account we serve across the USA. Our team’s presence on the road, in stores and our focus in listening to customers have allowed us to take valuable market insights back to the great brands we represent.

This ‘mirror of the marketplace’ communication has been instrumental in keeping us, our factories and customers at the forefront of the industry for nearly a century.

“Banks Inc eagerly looks forward to the next 96 years of innovation, growth and success. We remain dedicated to maintaining the work ethics that have defined us for nearly a century and express much gratitude to our valued customers and partners who have and will continue to support us in the future.”

Led by Trip Banks, Banks Inc is a leading manufacturer’s representation firm with a history dating back to 1928 and a former winner of Agency of the Year awards. “We always out earning our next!” said Banks.

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