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Hispanics crucial to growing US participation


The recruitment of more Hispanic people plays a key role in growing participation in fishing in the US.

That’s a key finding from research conducted by the Recreational Fishing and Boating Foundation (RBFF) in recent years, which is why the Foundation makes annual George H.W. Bush Fund grants to programmes dedicated to providing Hispanic families with fishing and boating experiences.

This year’s grants, to be officially announced on Monday (February 19) total $85,100 and go to 12 programmes in six states, with state agencies fully matching that amount to bring the total funding to $172,800.

“Participation in fishing among Hispanics has grown over the years, hitting an all-time high last year,” said RBFF President & CEO Dave Chanda. “As we work to foster further participation within the Hispanic community, these grantees will be crucial in teaching many families how to enjoy the activities safely with conservation practices being top of mind.” 

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