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Berkley Labs anticipates fishing’s latest trend with new baits


As forward-facing sonar advances, anglers are looking for baits that allow them to better interact with fish.

Pure Fishing brand Berkley says it is leading the charge and has introduced three new baits that best allow anglers to interact with fish on forward-facing sonar – enter the all new Berkley Krej, Finisher and Power Switch.

“Berkley is the leader in science-based bait development, and we take pride in providing anglers with the best solution to help them catch fish in any environment,” said Berkley’s Chief Brand and Product Officer, Jon Schlosser.

“We’ve known that forward-facing sonar was coming and have spent the past few years learning about the trend in anticipation of it catching on. Its impact on how anglers are approaching fisheries is advancing each day, and we at Berkley have made a conscious effort to take on the responsibility of providing those anglers with the best baits possible to interact with fish on forward-facing sonar.

“By taking our science-based approach to bait development and applying it to FFS, the team at Berkley Labs has been able to create some truly special baits that are proven to catch more fish with FFS. It’s exciting to see how revolutionary these baits are, not only in their design, but in how they enable anglers to manipulate their baits in ways that have never been done before.”

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