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Participation: Industry must take responsibility, says trade leader


The angling trade must take responsibility for fishing participation in the UK. That’s the view of Andrew Race, Chairman of the industry’s representative body, the Angling Trades Association (ATA).

“Despite ten years of National Angling Strategy (NASS) contracts, our industry remains bogged down regarding any improvement in regular angling numbers,” says Race.

“It is now the trade that needs to start affecting outcomes to this problem. After all, it is we who are increasingly being asked to foot the bill via open ended sponsorship.”

Race, the Managing Director of scales manufacturer Reuben Heaton, added: “To maintain pressure on the correct actions needed for industry growth there must be trade oversight, and this in turn is why the ATA must grow.

“The industry can no longer just assume that the NASS processes are being effectively implemented for growth. If we want more controls over the impact of our resources we have to be involved in the steering process.

“For business to thrive, the trade needs improved fisheries, increased licence sales and the protection of angling. For that to happen we need substance and attitude.”

The ATA’s position could be considerably strengthened in the near future with the announcement of a new lead position. The Association has been talking to candidates for some time and Race says that an appointment is imminent.

“This dedicated paid role, working closely with both board and members, will enable us to grow the ATA exponentially in terms of marketing the Association to the trade, reaching new members, being more relevant to more industry sectors and increasing our impact where it is needed.”

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