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Legendary bass pro partners with KastKing to deliver an ICON


Legendary bass angler Skeet Reese partnered with the design team at KastKing to develop a new signature series of fishing reels.

 The Skeet Reese ICON reels come in one baitcaster model and two spinning versions.

Reese explains a key attribute he was looking for in his signature series of reels. He said: “When I think about the specific features that are important in my style of fishing, that led to making a baitcaster with a high spool capacity first and foremost. When I’m fishing 15-20# test fluorocarbon, I want to be able to make a long cast with a big bait and not run out of line.

“Comfort is everything in a fishing reel,” he added. “When you fish as many hours in a day as I do, any little ridge or hard edge on the reel frame or paddles start to wear on your hand and fingers. It was critical that the ICON series needed to be comfortable and easy to fish all day. I also like oversized handles on a baitcaster, which equates to fewer turns on the retrieve.”

In response, KastKing equipped the ICON baitcaster with a high-capacity spool holding 110 yards of 50# braid, a low-profile frame with smooth edges on the palm plate and the soft comfort of TPE handle knobs in Reese’s signature yellow. The handle length of Reese’s ICON baitcaster is an oversized 110mm length for easy cranking.

The spinning series comes in both a 2000 and 3000 size and is equipped with a large yellow TPE paddle on the reel handle. The 2000 series reel holds 190 yards of 20# braid, while the 3000 series holds a whopping 280 yards of 20# braid!

Retailing at only $99, the ICON series is packed with high-end features.

The ICON baitcaster comes in right or left-hand retrieve, weighs only 7oz and has a versatile 7.2:1 gear ratio. The AutoMag Dual Braking System found on multiple KastKing baitcasting reels helps limit the dreaded backlash. KastKing’s patented Low Friction Tapered Vortex line guide limits the amount of friction on the line, allowing for maximum casting distance.

The ICON spinning series is available in a 2000 or 3000 size with a gear ratio of 6.2:1. The high-strength aluminium body weighs only 9oz for the 2000 series, while the 3000 weighs 9.3oz. A 4mm stainless steel spindle, a machined zinc alloy main gear and a precision cut brass pinion gear means the ICON spinning series is built to last.

The two-disc carbon fibre drag delivers 17.6 lbs of stopping power and the 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings keep the reel smooth and stable during the retrieve.

The KastKing ICON will be available through multiple retail outlets as well as Reese’s new online retail site launching later this month.

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