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Best of 2023! Five top sellers for PRADCO’s lure brands


Five of the best from the multi-brand lure supplier, which has enjoyed another dominant year.

1. Bomber Fat Free Fry (main image)
The Bomber Fat Free Fry has returned to the Bomber line through the next generation programme. This bite-size crankbait boasts a sweet spot diving depth of four to six feet and an easily castable 1/4oz weight. The fry is the perfect choice for downsizing to match smaller baitfish forage or for combing banks on heavily pressured bodies of water.

2. BOOYAH Covert Finesse Spinnerbait
Crafted to the specifications of master spinnerbait angler and Bassmaster Classic Champion Jason Christie, the Booyah Covert Finesse Spinnerbait scales down the wildly popular Covert Series to more accurately imitate smaller baitfish and better approach pressured fish. In order to maintain a compact profile without sacrificing too much weight, the Covert Finesse series of spinnerbaits transferred some of the weight that is usually all at the head of the bait to the shank of the hook. Not only does this keep the overall profile of the bait minimal, but it also encourages long casting performance so anglers can reach finicky fish long before they spook them.

3. YUM FF Sonar Minnow
Very seldom does a technique arise in the fishing world that completely changes the landscape. Forward facing sonar is this very technique, and no angler knows it better than Jason Christie. He has teamed up with YUM Bait Co. to create a soft plastic lure that will get the absolute most out of forward facing sonar, helping anglers to boat more fish and receive fewer ‘follow-ups and retreats’. Everyone has been there: you cast to a bass and it comes flying up to look at your lure and then tucks tail and runs. This is no more with the new YUM FF Sonar Minnow. It has been designed to subtly quiver right in the face of bass and give them no other choice but to take a bite out of this ultra-natural presentation.

4. .Bobby Garland LiveRoam’R
This 1.75-inch new size and profile imitation minnow was introduced to the Bobby Garland line-up in 2023. True to its name, the soft plastic crappie bait is precisely designed to target ‘roaming’ crappie with the increasingly popular live forward-facing sonar technology. Its streamlined design also makes it a versatile choice for a wide variety of action-based techniques, including cast-and-retrieve, vertical jigging, dock shooting, long-line trolling and spider rigging. The bait’s subtle features, from head to tail, keeps the swimming action tight and natural just like a real minnow.

5. War Eagle Pro Football Jig
Designed to be the perfect jig for crawling over deep water structure to entice bites from weary bass. It features a unique keeled football head to crawl over structure easily, beautiful skirts and a medium heavy wire hook to accurately land on the roof of the mouth with every hookset. Available in sizes to cover any depth range.

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