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Swedish quality and high margins roll out across Europe


Darts AB has been one of Sweden’s best kept secrets, but not for much longer.

The Swedish predator and specimen fishing brand is looking to substantially increase its export markets in 2024.

The Malmo-based business, which has a healthy presence in the Nordic region is actively looking to increase its reach across mainland Europe through retailers and distributors in Germany, France, Poland, Austria and Switzerland.

CEO Johan Threms has told Angling International that Darts can offer its partners a high quality range of products that have been developed by top anglers within the sector. “In the early days some of the staff were competitive anglers at the highest level of modern predator/specimen fishing, but had a hard time in getting hold of good functional high quality gear. Therefore they developed a range of products they wanted to use themselves and for others with those ideals in mind.

“Several of us have backgrounds in competitive fishing at the highest level and therefore are specialists in predator and specimen fishing. Our Darts predator team has achieved a number of top placings in the Sportfish Masters and Predatortour competitions. Darts has also participated in several coarse fishing world championships and has won the Swedish Specimen Cup. Our knowledge and experience in sportfishing is behind everything we do. Added to that, we also collaborate with guides and other specialists who try out our new products.”

Never a brand to rest on its laurels, Threms says that Darts has an ongoing process of refining and introducing new products. “Together with our manufacturers and suppliers – we have more than 35 of them – we are constantly developing new products, materials and colours. Our manufacturers go through a careful selection process as we want a supplier who is the best in its field and delivers according to our specifications and quality requirements.”

Darts is particularly proud of its ‘advanced’ products that include Breaker Blades, its tungsten range, Bamba floats for rainbow trout fishing, titanium leaders and its Tsuru quality hooks. It has also developed a display board for its terminal tackle. “It is a proven sales solution for the stores and creates additional sales and high margins,” explains Threms.

He adds that Darts offers an honest and straightforward pricing policy that promotes business to the benefit of everyone. “Of course, a distributor who orders in bulk can get a better price compared to a retailer who orders a minimum quantity. But, in this way, we avoid a ‘price war’ between retailers and distributors as it becomes a matter of products speaking for themselves and not the price.”

Ensuring high margins for its partners is a priority for Darts. “We do not hire agents but work directly with manufacturers/suppliers. This in itself keeps costs down. We are a small company and therefore must work actively with margins by constantly keeping track on the processes of suppliers. We do not provide products unless we can offer a good margin for our retailers and distributors.”

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