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Carp Zoom declares the Year of the Cat with huge new range


It may not correspond to the Chinese calendar, but 2024 will be the year of the cat for Hungarian manufacturer Carp Zoom.

The Budapest bait and tackle company is launching a new sub-brand called Catzoom, establishing it in the growing catfish category for the first time. The new range will include everything from rods to ready-made rigs, lines, fish-care products, artificial baits and a whole host of accessories designed specifically for the catfish community.

Salim Fadil, Managing Director of Carp Zoom, explained the thinking behind the new brand: “Catfishing is becoming more and more popular in western and eastern Europe and, after seeing a big demand from around Europe to increase our catfish products, we decided to put them all under one brand name and to keep our existing Predator-Z brand for our general predator range. I believe this will produce even better results for us in the future as we continuously enlarge the Catzoom assortment.

“All the Catzoom products are planned by our expert team of developers and field testers in cooperation with different markets. So everything is created according to the demand of trade customers and anglers.”

Catzoom’s Brutal rods are as uncompromising as they sound, radiating power from all their features. Developed especially for anglers seeking big catfish, the rigid blanks are described as ‘unbreakable’ by the manufacturer, designed to handle heavy rigs and baits and to haul determined catfish from their lairs. The two-section rods have extra-strong, wear-resistant rings and a metal reel holder typical of marine rods. Available in 10 foot, 850g and 11 foot, 850g versions, Brutal catfish rods are ideal for fishing with stupek and antenna floats as well as with surface and bottom-fished  live baits.

Anglers have a choice of three Catzoom braids: 40.2 kg, 0.40mm diameter; 49.8kg, 0.50mm diameter; and 61kg, 0.60mm diameter. Each is available in 300m lengths and it is also spooled in 800m so even reels with larger line capacities can be filled. The fluo green braid’s low elongation helps transmit the smallest of bites, making it ideal for feeder-style fishing as well as classic bottom and boilie fishing.

Fish care has always been high on Carp Zoom’s priorities, so it follows that the Catzoom range includes a catfish holder for the safe handing of catches. The heavy duty rope has a protective elastic coating, along with a plastic handle and metal carabiner make it comfortable to use.

With its pulsating soft tentacles, Catzoom’s Artificial Octopus is designed to stimulate predators to bite. The action can be enhanced by a combination of sudden stops, lifts and jerks and it can be use alone or with other baits. The three-section bait measures 16cm, and is recommended mainly for pike fishing, but will also attract catfish and big perch.

Floats are a vital part of the catfish angler’s armoury and there is no shortage of them in the Catzoom collection. The Ball Float is a large inline float for offering large baitfish. An adaptor for a standard light cartridge makes is usable at night. It is available in 100g and 200g versions. The Inline Float is designed for live baiting even in poor weather, with the bait suspended above the river or lake bed. It is 11cm long and weighs 30g. If additional stimuli is needed, then the Rattle Floats’s acoustic effects add to its attraction. Best results are obtained when the live bait is raised up from the bottom. The Catzoom range also includes a float as part of a ready-made rig that can be used straight out of the packet. Other components of the 130cm rig include a 220lb braid, a treble hook and a rattle float.

The expansive line of Catzoom accessories also includes:

Catzoom Cat Hooks – in sizes  6/0, 4/0 and 2/0

Catzoom Rig Protector Tubes – 2×4mm, green, 50cm, 2pcs; 3×6mm, red, 50cm, 2pcs; and 5×8mm, yellow, 50cm, 2pcs

Catzoom Stopper With Rubber Bead – Visible even at night, these brightly coloured thread stoppers have large fluorescent rubber beads. 3pcs.

Catzoom 2+1 Live Bait Hook – This sharp, strong, two-pronged hook has been developed especially for live bait fishing. The small disc on the smaller hook prevents the bait being lost when casting. Size 6/0, 2pcs.

Catzoom 1+1 Live Bait Hook – Developed specifically for fishing with live bait, with similar features to the 2+1 version. Size 6/0, 3pcs.

Catzoom BBS Solid Ring Set – A triple rolling ring set with removable rolling rings and a load capacity of 150lb. It helps to avoid line twist. Size: 6 (3 cm).

Catzoom Changeable Slider-Boom – A universal solution for placing a sliding lead on the line without cutting the assembly. A large lead can also be hung on the heavy-duty link clip. Length 8cm, 2pcs.

Catzoom Luminous Stopper – This large, fluorescent, rubber bead is clearly visible at night and is a useful accessory when preparing rigs where reliable stoppers are needed. 5×7 mm, 10pcs.

Catzoom Bullet Float Stopper – Large, specially designed conical float stop for situations where a flat surface is needed to stop the lead or rig. 8×10 mm, black, 20pcs.

Catzoom Plastic Rattle – Hung near the bait, it emits a rattling sound that helps attract fish. Size 1.3x3x1.5cm. 5pcs

BBS Swivel With Insurance Snap – A swivel clamp made of quality steel with bearings, especially developed for extreme use. Size 8, 250lb, 3pcs

Catzoom BBS Swivel With Solid Ring – Made of quality steel with bearings for durability. Size 8, 3.8cm, 250lb, black nickel, 5pcs.

Catzoom Live Bait Stop – Prevents bait fish coming off the hook when casting. Also acts as a further visual attraction to predators. 1.8cm, red, 20pcs.

Catzoom Alu Crimp – Made for big fish angling. Provides a durable, unbreakable bond. 1x10mm, 10pcs.

Predator-Z Catzoom Catfish Buoy – 25×30 cm.

Predator-Z Catzoom Killer Swivel – Size 4, 36.5mm, 80 kg, 3pcs.

Predator-Z Catzoom Line Tweezers – Length: 100cm.

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