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Farlows marks coronation in UK with limited edition fly boxes


Farlows, the world renowned fishing and shooting retailer, has created a limited edition of 100 King’s Coronation fly boxes.

The sale of each of individually-numbered box will generate £10 for the Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST).

Earlier this year, UK-based Farlows collaborated with the AST to run a competition inviting participants to vote for their top 12 salmon flies, chosen from 30 selected by AST’s Tiggy Pettifer, from Farlow’s flagship Pall Mall store in London.

The winning selection was presented in a bespoke wooden fly box to King Charles to mark his coronation. Now 100 of the boxes have been made by Farlows to support the AST.

The lightweight boxes are made from split cane and designed to float. They feature slotted foam inserts, brass hinges, magnetic closure, a satin lacquer finish and measure 138mm by 108mm by 30mm.

Alongside the 12 winning flies (listed below) is a printed card detailing the names of the flies and the percentage of votes they received from Farlows customers:

Silver Stoat’s Tail double (73%), Green Highlander double (66%), Stoat’s’ Tail double (64%), Will Gunn double (62%), Ally’s Shrimp double (57%), Executioner double (55%), Ally’s Cascade Shrimp double (54%), Red Frances double (53%), Cascade Willie Gunn double (52%), Posh Tosh double (51%), Ally’s Shrimp Red double (49%) and HRH single (44%).

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