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Panther Martin has that ICAST sparkle as showtime approaches


Panther Martin began selling lures in 1958 and has sold more than a million, but despite its longevity, the US business is still renowned for its spinnerbait innovation.

And at ICAST this year, the Port Jefferson, New York company will be presenting three new baits to product-hungry visitors to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Fish Scale

A striking new pattern from the brand is the new Fish Scale series that will be introduced in 2025 and available in five dynamic colour patterns – Brown, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange – and three sizes in single and treble hooks. But, says Panther Martin, the most exciting part of this lure is the realistic scale pattern that covers the company’s convex/concave and teardrop bodies. “This pattern is applied using a special airbrush technique and a stencil which creates a smooth and life-like look,” it says.

HiLo Spin Minnow

The ‘revolutionary’ new HiLo Spin Minnow features a genuine gold or silver plated willow-style Panther Martin convex/concave blade on top of a free-floating sonic arm. The blade spins freely, sending out sonic vibrations to fish near and far. Down ‘lo’ is a deluxe brass body sandwiched between a colourful swimbait-style minnow and a classic convex/concave Panther Martin blade. The lower blade is wider and painted in vibrant colours to match the Minnow. It spins slower, attracting fish nearby.

Available next year in two sizes and vibrant colours that include Silver Blue, Gold Orange, Silver Rainbow, Gold Blue and Black Silver Speckled, it is said to be perfect for bass, pike, walleye, panfish and more.

Speckled Spinners

Get ready for the ‘dazzling’ new Speckled Spinner series in 2025. This is a lure that is tipped to send fish into a feeding frenzy. The speckled finish on both the blade and teardrop body reflect the light from every direction like a disco ball, says Panther Martin. “If the dancing light does not attract them, the classic convex/concave Panther Martin blade spinning freely through the water and sending out vibrations to fish certainly will,” says the company. “In true Panther Martin fashion, the shaft goes directly through the blade so no eyelets or additional facets impede the spinning nature of the blade.”

The Speckled series will be available in a choice of barbless single or treble hooks, four vivid colours – Red Silver Speckled, Orange Silver Speckled, Green Silver Speckled and Black Silver Speckled – and three sizes.

ICAST booth No: 4202
T: +1 631 473 7308

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