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US rod maker launches combo for fast-emerging style of fishing


A US rod and reel manufacturer has responded to the growing popularity of slow pitch fishing by introducing a combo especially designed for the art.

Evolution Tackle has launched a rod and reel for the style, which originated in Japan in the early 1990’s, and has become popular with saltwater anglers in the US.

Val Osinski, owner of Evolution Tackle, said: “We wanted to create a set-up for anglers and tackle shops to access gear made with top components for this style of fishing at an affordable price.”

Reel features:

CNC aluminium construction for strength and lightweight performance;

Spool lock for immediate break off on hung jigs, ensuring seamless fishing experiences;

50 lb of drag, providing anglers with the power to tackle even the toughest catches;

Power handle designed for ergonomic comfort and maximum control;

36 to 42″ per crank, allowing for efficient retrieval with each turn;

Eight ball bearings for smooth and reliable operation;

Gear ratio of 6.5:1, delivering swift and precise retrieves;

Three-disc carbon drag system for exceptional stopping power and smoothness.

Rod features:

Solid carbon blank ensures the correct action for optimal performance;

Graphite butt for enhanced power and durability;

Fuji Alkonite guides for superior line management and casting efficiency;

Fuji Graphite reel seat for secure and stable reel attachment;

Neutral Guide Spacing Spiral Wrap;

Elongated butt section designed for compatibility with rod holders;

Designed to handle jigs ranging from 100 to 300 gr.

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