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GSM ‘fired up’ by latest purchase in fishing sector


GSM Outdoors (GSM) has made its second acquisition of the year in the fishing rod sector.

The outdoor brand, which boasts over 40 hunting, shooting and fishing labels, has acquired Dobyns Rods in a move that Zach Henderson, Chief Sales Officer at GSM says has the company ‘really fired up’. It follows the purchase of Arkansas-based Virtus Rods in April.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for Gary Dobyns and his family and what they have built with the brand over the years. The quality, series lay-out, points and actions are all superb. We are honoured that they have trusted us to become stewards of the brand and carry on the legacy as we continue to expand our presence in the rod category and fishing industry.”

“The difference with GSM is the leadership – it’s the place to be,” said owner of Dobyns Rods, Gary Dobyns. “The company is run by friends that, over the years, I’ve learned to fully trust with the growth and expansion of my brand. I am confident they will elevate it to new heights.

“I will now be a shareholder of GSM and will remain involved with the company’s product development initiatives. GSM is making all the right moves, quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fishing industry and they are just getting started!”

“As we continue to add brands to the GSM portfolio that bring value to our retail partners and anglers, the decision to partner with Gary Dobyns was one of the easier ones that we’ve made,” said Edward Castro, CEO of GSM. “Not only do we believe in what Gary has built in terms of quality and value, but it was also a no-brainer due to proximity as the Dobyns facility is located just down the road from GSM headquarters.

“We will continue to service customers from the great state of Texas while adhering to the quality and standards that Dobyns has become known for. With this milestone, we have acquired eleven fishing brands and are proud of the fishing platform that we have established as a one-stop-shop for heritage baits and high-quality rods.”

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