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New Motion Minnow hits water in response to popular demand


Eight years after launching its Motion Minnow swim bait, Marea Fishing has responded to customer demand for a new version of the lure.

While the original eight-segment Motion Minnow was designed to sink quickly, the new seven-inch version can be retrieved more slowly and paused near the surface.

Designed to mimic the undulating and frantic movements of baitfish found throughout Florida and the tropics, the new lure comes in native baitfish patterns, with 3D eyes, Dyneema body and a realistic action.

A limited edition red pearl pattern is now available, along with a purple mullet flash pattern.

“Trophy fish occasionally focus on feeding on slow moving, disorientated baits near the surface,” says company founder Capt. Carlos D. Rodriguez. “Our answer is to build a product that perfectly replicates these actions. It can be fished near the surface in the strike zone for an extended period.”

The latest Motion Minnow is recommended for offshore gamefish like mahi mahi and cobia, and inshore species such as snook, tarpon and red drum. It can also be used as a pitch bait when running and gunning offshore along rivers, beaches and passes.

“For optimum results, simply cast and retrieve at a slow pace and adjust retrieval speed according to baitfish activity,” adds Rodriguez.

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