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Watch the Nays movie! How the German brand is harnessing social media


A significant factor contributing to the success of growing German tackle supplier Nays is its social media activities – an area that Julien Quester, its Business Development Manager, believes is undervalued by many in the industry.

“We believe that high quality and innovative products are paramount for a company’s success. However, effective marketing should not be overlooked. Since our launch in 2018, we have always paid great attention to ensuring that our products are represented appropriately – especially on social media platforms. This has helped us to ensure that our products are quickly recognised by a wide audience. Moreover, our products have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness, not only in their visual appeal but also in their catchability.” explains Quester. 

Quester points to the feature-length movie that Nays produced and released last year (see below). All 2,000 tickets were sold out within an hour. “It was an incredible event, and the response exceeded our expectations,” he says. “There has never been a comparable event in the German scene before.”

An Instagram reel showcases the Nays exhibition booth at the Angelwelt Berlin Fair 2022. Says Quester: “It impresses with its eye-catching design and stands out as a highlight for every visitor to the event. In the future, we plan to also participate in other major fairs across European countries.”

Quester adds that a crucial component of the company’s marketing strategy is the Nays in-house YouTube channel @FirstCastTV. “We reach over 100K viewers every week. It’s particularly important to us that the videos are not merely commercials, but also entertaining and authentic.”

Team Nays actively participates in the largest social media fishing tournaments – including the YouTube Predator Cup, Fly v Jerk, and Zander Pro – and has achieved considerable success. In the video below, Dustin Schöne, the co-founder of Nays, caught a record zander of more than a metre, contributing to the victory of Team Nays in the tournament. “This video reached over 200,000 views and had a remarkable impact on our sales,” added Quester.

“Nays has now established itself as a high-quality brand and is no longer solely reliant on tournament success. However, we aim to maintain our presence and will continue to participate in such competitions in the future.”

Nays collaborates with some of the most prominent content creators in the industry. “In the Netherlands, we partner with Daniel Weyers (152K subscribers on YouTube), Brosef in Germany (100K) and Frenchman Romain Maudet (56K on Instagram).

“To enhance our popularity in other countries, we intend to link-up with other well-known content creators. The company is committed to long-term success, and we strive to impress with quality and innovative products.”

“In our opinion, social media is a crucial factor for sustainable success, complementing top quality and innovative products, and we endeavour to implement this belief in practice.”

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