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Darts building on proud history in predator fishing


Swedish tackle maker Darts has an enviable record when it comes to predator fishing.

The company has been manufacturing tackle for the sector for decades. Calle Rosslin, in charge of Product Development and Sales, told Angling International: “From the very early days with soft lures for mainly perch fishing to today’s ready-made pike and perch fishing gear, Darts has been at the forefront. Many products have gone from do-it-yourself to ready-made as anglers want their fishing to be easy and convenient.

“Predator fishing is a big part of our business – representing up to 70% of our focus. It is a growing sector – it never seems to stop with new trends needing to be picked up. For Darts, predator fishing is crucial for us. It is one of the most prestigious branches of the Swedish sportfishing tree so it is important that we have a good selection to please our customers.”

Backing up its predator offer is a its range of terminal tackle. “It is used for all types of fishing so it is very important,” said Rosslin. “Many products are also widely used in the predator sector so everything is connected.”

Rosslin added that new predator fishing products in the pipeline for 2024 include bladed jigs, items for perch fishing in tungsten and UV treble hooks.

Best sellers from Darts


A series of stinger-rigs made of linked swivels and high-quality components makes this a product that suits all big pike and zander fishermen.


The easy-to-use sinker that makes weighting your softbait super fast. Just clip them on and fish faster or deeper. Sold by size in a package or as the super popular clip weight box.


Ready-made fluorocarbon leaders made of Japanese 100% pure fluorocarbon. The crimps are ‘round crimped’ to make sure of maximum strength and durability.


Jig heads for the super popular method of ned-rig fishing. Flat jig head to help all kinds of soft lures stand up from the bottom. Made with a super sharp and strong Japanese hook. 

Linked swivels

The most popular terminal tackle in the Nordic area is the linked swivel. Made to prevent twisted lines but nowadays mostly used in rigs for pike and zander fishing with soft baits.

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E: order@darts.se

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