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Carp Zoom hails simple bait that delivers all year round


There are so many different kinds of corn available to anglers today that it’s a challenge for tackle shops to fit them all on their shop shelves. This once simple bait, now available in a myriad of colours and flavours, owes its popularity to the fact that it can be used to catch most types of coarse fish, from carp to roach to barbel and chub, all year round.

“Corn is a staple bait for river and stillwater fishermen all across Europe,” says Salim Fadil, Managing Director of tackle and bait manufacturer Carp Zoom. “From the angler’s point of view, it is clean and easy to use and is also a great additive to groundbait. It is constantly in demand by our distributors and retailers so we make sure we always have high stock levels to keep them supplied.”

Fadil selected just a few of the best-selling corn-based baits produced by his Budapest-based company.

Fishing Corn Super Sweet

“This popular bait is designed using only the finest and sweetest corn kernels selected by top anglers,” says Fadil. “It is robust enough to ensure that it stays on the hook during the cast, but has a soft texture that is irresistible to fish. It is perfect either as a hook bait, for loose feeding or enriching groundbait and is great for adding flavour and dyes. Supplied in a ring-pull can, it is suitable for a wide range of coarse fish including carp, tench, bream and roach.”

Sweet Angler’s Maize

“This is another traditional, proven bait and is considered indispensable by carp anglers. It is made from high quality corn using a special cooking process that withstands long casting without breaking up. And our modern preserving technology ensures a long shelf life.”

Premium Maize

“This is another favourite with the dedicated carp angler. The colours and flavours are soaked throughout the whole grains to ensure a longer period of attraction. It is made from carefully selected, hand-crumbled corn, again using the latest preserving technology.”

XXL Corn

“This giant-sized corn is designed especially for big carp. It is steeped in flavouring and colourants to get the best results for specimen anglers.”

ART-X Corn

“Much softer than other artificial corn baits, ART-X Corn can be used not only on spikes and hair rigs, but also on the hook itself. It has a slightly buoyant property so that it can be held down on the bottom by a spike or small swivel and hover just above the river or lake bed like a wafter bait. Its intense aroma provides a long-lasting, enticing effect so that it can be left out in the water for long periods. Each jar contains three different-sized artificial corns which can be used on their own or in combination with other baits. We particularly recommend it for feeder fishing.”

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