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OEM Lure reveals four-point plan on return to China Fish


Chinese lure maker OEM Lure has a four-point plan as it returns to one of the world’s largest fishing tackle trade shows next month.

The company will be exhibiting at the 30th anniversary of China Fish, which is returning after a four-year Covid-induced break. Sam Gong, co-founder of the business, told Angling International: “Our objectives are multi-faceted, focusing on both showcasing our products and building relationships.”

This involves:

1. Showcasing innovations and product range: Demonstrating new lure innovations and the breadth of the product range, including presenting new materials and technologies that sets its lures apart in the market.

2. Networking and relationship building: “Trade shows like China Fish offer a unique opportunity to meet new customers and industry peers,” says Gong. “Our goal is to build relationships, not just make immediate sales. Networking with attendees can lead to long-term partnerships and collaborations.”

    3. Market research and feedback: Gaining insight into market trends, customer preferences and the activities of competitors. “We seek to understand what customers are looking for and how we can better meet their needs.”

    4. Brand visibility and recognition: Increasing both on the international stage is a significant goal. “A prestigious event like China Fish will help in establishing our brand as a serious player in the industry.”

    Oem Lure is backed by an engineering team that has over 15 years of development experience that not only ensures a deep understanding of its task, but a significant and proven track record in delivering quality products.

    Gong added that the size of its workforce – over 100 skilled employees – is testament to the company’s capacity and capability to handle large orders. “This workforce is crucial in maintaining the consistency and quality of our products.

    “The efficiency of our up-to-date production facilities ensures that we can produce lures of the highest quality, meeting the stringent standards expected by international brands. Our ability to offer high quality products at reasonable prices is a significant advantage and makes our company an attractive option for international brands looking to balance quality and cost.

    “All-in-all, choosing a supplier often comes down to the initial communication and the impression that creates. Factors like professionalism, efficient communication, competitive pricing and honesty all play a crucial role in this decision-making process. By focusing on these, you can effectively communicate where your company stands as an ideal OEM supplier for global brands in the fishing industry.”

    OEM is the major part of the company’s business, but it is also building awareness of its own brand. Gong explained: “Launching our own brand was crucial for several reasons and succeeding in this endeavour, despite the challenge, is feasible, with the right approach.

    “The primary reason to launch your own brand is to establish a distinct identity in the market. It allows you to differentiate your products and services, focusing on unique aspects that include user experience, aesthetic appeal and catering for specific markets.

    “This differentiation is vital in the fishing lure industry where many products can seem similar. Your products also can emphasise specific qualities like innovative design, superior materials or environmental sustainability that can set you apart.”

    Gong added that owning a brand offers long-term business viability. “In a rapidly changing global market, relying solely on OEM manufacturing can be risky. Having your own brand contributes to the long-term sustainability and growth of your business.”

    China Fish Booth No: G290-291

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