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FirstDart excited to be back at China Fish


FirstDart – a China Fish regular – admits that it is very excited to be finally back at one of the world’s largest fishing tackle trade shows.

Sandy Ogata, General Manager of the Singapore-based OEM line maker, told Angling International: “It is the last of the exhibitions we attended pre-COVID to be back in business and we are delighted to be returning.

“Although we have adapted to the times by going virtual and intensifying one-on-one visits, we still believe in trade shows as part of the marketing mix with each of them playing a different role.

“China Fish has always been the platform the company uses to kick off its annual sales by using it as the launchpad for new products. However, in the last three years, we have introduced new items throughout the year face-to-face with customers coupled with advertisements.

“As an OEM supplier, our R&D team works around the year to match multiple requirements and seasons. New products are always developed and launched at any time given the variety of outlets that technology allows. The role that each show plays for us now is more geographical, technical or species-specific.”

At China Fish, FirstDart will be unveiling its latest Hybrid Mono and sharing its work with new material. Ogata added: “This may spark and inspire the development of special lines and packaging for our OEM customers. Expect performance and environmentally friendly options to be prominent on our booth.”

Hybrid Mono
A fluoropolymer line that combines a superior nylon core material with a PVDF shell, offering a balance of cost-effectiveness and versatility. It provides enhanced abrasion resistance and reduced visibility underwater, making it suitable for various fishing applications.

While the line may not match the sought-after properties of 100% fluorocarbon lines, Hybrid Mono has an improved sensitivity and sinking capability compared to a standard mono.

The 100% fluorocarbon monofilament lines offer superior sensitivity, low visibility and rapid sinking, making them ideal for finesse and deep-water fishing. They excel in durability and abrasion resistance, particularly in challenging environments. However, it comes at a higher cost compared to coated lines.

Nylon monofilament lines are budget-friendly and versatile. They have lower density than fluorocarbon, resulting in slower sinking rates and higher visibility underwater. While nylon may lack the abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon, it remains a popular choice for various fishing styles due to its affordability and forgiving nature.

Anglers must weigh up their priorities – cost, sensitivity and specific fishing techniques – to choose the most suitable line for their needs. Fluorocarbon-coated lines offer a middle ground, while 100% fluorocarbon and nylon monofilaments cater to those seeking premium performance or budget-friendly options, respectively.

Hybrid Mono is an extension of FirstDart’s Fluorosilk range. Thanks to the optimisation of the equipment, the technology is now available for use on any of the superior nylon mono cores and colours. It is customisation at the next level.

Key points:

  • Superior nylon core with a PDVF shell
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Balance of cost-effectiveness and versatility
  • Technology now available for customised nylon cores and colours

China Fish booth No: B535
T: +65 7836 243 741

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