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New bass tackle platform unites independents and anglers


A new platform designed to showcase custom bass tackle made by independent manufacturers across the US has got off to a flying start. The website, launched by Vantage Tackle before Christmas, already represents 26 companies.

The man behind the idea for a unique site that brings together a curated selection of handcrafted, small batch, artisanal lures exclusively from custom makers is company founder Terry Thornton. His story is testament to the power of combining passion with business.

Thornton was motivated by the vision of connecting artisans and anglers that share a common love for handcrafted lures. But bringing the plan to reality has been tough.

“Sourcing products from diverse makers, managing inventory, wading through the technology of setting up the platform and ensuring the alignment of business practices was an immense challenge,” he says.

But now he is inviting anglers to find their new favourite brand at vantagetackle.com and to explore the advantages that come from showing the fish in their lakes something different.  “There is a distinct allure in the artistry of handcrafted lures and a distinct advantage that comes from presenting lures that bass have not seen before,” says Thornton.

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