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Triumphant Sakura lures help boost 2023 sales


Sakura ended a challenging 2023 season with news that boosted product sales in the fourth quarter.

Sakura ended a challenging 2023 season with news that boosted product sales in the fourth quarter.

Tanguy Marlin, a product manager specialising in the creation of Sakura lures, won the third season of the prestigious FC Fight Brochet tournament,

Having qualified through the two group rounds, Marlin faced a formidable opponent in the final, a specialist in pike fishing with big baits.

However, he was able to climb to the top of the podium, thanks mainly to two Sakura lures – plus a little secret potion that he reveals here.

The lures that made the difference, says Marlin, were the Sakura Cajun Bladed Jig (above) and the Zarigani Craw (below) soft bait.

By creating the Cajun Bladed Jig, Sakura can offer customers a high-performance lure that cleverly combines the characteristics of a rubber jig, a spinnerbait and a crankbait.

The addition of a metal blade at the front of the lure allows it to lean on the water, which gives it a powerful back-and-forth lateral movement and amplifies the undulations of the silicone skirt. Vibrations, light flashes and pulsating signals create a most attractive cocktail, adds Marlin.

Designed to prospect at all depths, the jig’s high visibility allows predators to spot it from afar, even in areas cluttered with obstacles. Marlin used it power-fishing style to quickly explore vast areas while remaining close to the bottom.

Though designed for black bass fishing, “chatterbaits” or “bladed jigs” are particularly effective for pike… and the Cajun Bladed Jig has been a best-seller in the Sakura range for several years.

There are 20 colours and five weights in the range (7g, 10.5g, 14g, 17.7g and 21g), making it possible to fish every water layer or near the bottom in shallow areas.

Sakura’s Zarigani Craw soft lure is a crayfish imitation that, due to its high density, can be thrown easily and precisely at long distances without the need to add excessive weight. It is often used on a Texas Rig or Ned Rig.

In the FC Fight Brochet tournament, Marlin used the Zarigani Craw as a trailer for the Cajun Bladed Jig to increase the volume of the lure and slow down its sinking speed.

At the slightest movement, the crayfish appendages flap and beat the water, which adds to the attraction of the jig. The range comprises two sizes (78mm and 95mm) which are available in six colours.

And now to Marlin’s little secret.  Sakura has been distributing American PRO-CURE attractants (above) for both freshwater and sea fishing since last year, with great results.

All PRO-CURE recipes are made from natural ingredients which, insists Marlin, make a huge difference compared to fragrances chemically formulated in the laboratory. They are boosted with powerful blends of amino acids and food stimulants that arouse the appetite of predators.

Throughout the rounds of the FC Fight Brochet, Marlin used the Super Gel in ‘predator’ flavour, which is recommended for pike fishing in particular. For 2024, Sakura is offering a range of 17 flavours, including four new ones.

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