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Sensas reveals new 2024 luggage range


New for 2024 from French brand Sensas will be the Power Match feeder range which consists of a large bag, accessory bag, rod sheath and a tip sheath.

The Feeder Accessary Bag (main image) is ideal for storing feeder arms and other supports. It can also accommodate your station or pontoon legs. Equipped with two pockets, it is spacious and allows you to carry a lot of equipment.

The Sensas Feeder Tackle Bag (above) comes with two pockets and has been designed specifically to store small feeder items. The main pocket is perfect for neatly holding various plastic boxes and other accessories. The small pocket located on the upper part is ideal for storing your leaders or other small accessories dedicated to rigs.

The rigid Sensas Feeder Sheath (above) protects your feeder rods measuring less than 2.05m. It is designed to store four rods equipped with their reels. It is described as a very practical sheath which ensures excellent protection during transport. Dimensions: 205x26x16.5cm.

The Tip Hard Case (above) is a rigid sheath with four rods in which you can carefully store feeder tips. Dimensions: 68x8x8cm.

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