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World’s first recycled fly reel now on sale


The world’s first recycled fly reel is now available to anglers.

Scandinavian company Guideline says the brand new NOVA model represents the beginning of a new era for its fly reels.

The development of the NOVA – the work of renowned British designer Paul Richardson – resulted from a comprehensive design study and the use of recycled raw materials.

“It is the most detailed and focused design study we have ever undertaken to launch to market the most environmentally conscious fly reel ever built,” says Richardson.

“These are the first reels in the Guideline portfolio to feature a new and unique contemporary Scandinavian design centred around very geometric linear lattice structures, with understated elegance and uncompromising function.”

There are three key sizes in the large-arbor series: 4/6, 7/9 and 8/10. In addition, there is a 6/8 model based on a concept entirely new to Guideline, a cassette system that operates using a quick release push-button mechanism.

“The added benefit of removing single use plastic componentry is a significant upgrade in material specifications on the exterior where we switch our plastic drag knobs, plastic spool nuts and plastic handles for a superior quality alloy material which delivers performance and strength upgrades as well as that quality touch and feel on the key angler interface points,” explains Richardson

Guideline’s Product Director, Leif Stavmo, said the NOVA project marked a new era in the life of his company’s fly reel range. “It is the first time we have used green guidelines leading the way through the whole development process.

“It has been extremely challenging because we were discovering new ground and trying to find new solutions for parts and product pieces that had previously been made from single use plastic. We wanted to remove all these kind of items to make something that even in a small way helps us to create a better world together.”

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