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ICAST: Line maker Gruppo promising ‘unmatched’ quality


The rapidly evolving market in the US is driving both established and emerging fishing line brands to adopt new technologies aimed at maximising performance and improving the experience of anglers, says top Italian line OEM Gruppo.

The company, which will once again be exhibiting at ICAST, adds that it consistently meets the high demands of the market for high quality by offering a diverse range of materials that cater for every price-point and performance requirement.

At the Orange County Covention Center in Orlando later this month, Gruppo will be showing off a range of lines, including the Super Hard Mono, which it says offers ‘unmatched’ strength and stiffness.

“It offers all the advantages of a stiff line without compromising on tenacity and knot strength, addressing the critical factors that hard lines traditionally struggle with,” says Grupppo.

With knot efficiency ranging from 75% to 80% depending on the diameter, Super Hard Mono ensures those knots hold firm every time. “Combining the stiffness of hard leader materials with the strength of copolymer fishing lines – this is your go-to choice for demanding applications.”

Perfect for a number of fishing needs:
Bottom fishing rigs – keeps rigs straight, preventing tangles and kinks.
Leaders for lure fishing – ideal for targeting toothy species like pike, muskie and barracuda thanks to its superior bite-off and abrasion resistance.
Leader for fly fishing – exceptional abrasion resistance and wind carry capability for your flies.

Gruppo adds: “Super Hard Mono is the easiest line to knot, it is resistant to kinking and features a very low stretch (16%). Available in low visibility for a discreet presentation, it is the ultimate choice for anglers who demand both stiffness and strength.”

Fluorocarbon-coated Nylon Series

A collection of premium lines crafted using the latest technology. They replicate the advantages of other high-end monofilaments while overcoming their common limitations. “Our fluorocarbon-coated monofilaments offer the perfect blend of performance and environmental awareness thanks to its negligible PFAS quantities.

Key features:

Total quality control
• Manufactured in small, meticulously controlled batches for flawless production
• Rigorous quality checks at every stage to ensure 100% consistency in maximum linear and knot strength, eliminating soft spots

Unmatched strength
• Offers the highest tensile and knot strength on the market

• All lines coated with advanced fluorocarbon for exceptionally smooth surface
• Coating makes the line nearly waterproof, maintaining almost all its strength when wet, unlike conventional lines that can lose up to 15% of their strength

Softness and low stretch
• The SHT ultra lines combine exceptional softness with low stretch thanks to unique raw materials and an exclusive extrusion process. This combination enhances castability and provides a superior feel.

ICAST Booth No: 4655

+39 010 3696836

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