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A fast bait solution from Benzar Mix


Feeder and method feeder fishermen are turning to ready-made products that require little preparation to use.

To meet these new expectations, Hungarian bait supplier Energofish – after a three-year development programme – has delivered a professional groundbait under its Benzar Mix brand which requires no time investment before fishing.

The Benzar Mix Ready Carp Groundbait Series consists of eight different ready-made carp groundbaits. Boasting a perfect texture, they need no added water and are perfectly coloured, strongly flavoured carbohydrate-based feeds that are made up of specially selected ingredients.

Available in 1000g packaging, Energofish says these products deliver excellent value for money, offering a great alternative for time-conscious anglers.

“Ready Carp Groundbaits, with their fiery red packaging, are catching the eye of potential customers in stores with the promise of a professional and modern product,” says Energofish.

“And the value for money is a gamechanger with a RRP that is 10% to 30% lower than other similar ready-to-use products on the market, offering a competitive margin for retailers.”

Energofish adds that during the development process, its main aim was to ensure a long-life product that would last for two years without deterioration – a warranty that is 100% guaranteed.

“In our main markets, Ready Carp Groundbaits have become a blockbuster. Because of the large margin, shops are happy to keep them on the shelves longer and the marketing support behind the products is persuading anglers to try and then buy them.

“Last, but not least, they are catching fish, which means that anglers are returning to buy more – and that is what it’s all about.”


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