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Carp Zoom’s sales lift from cooked seeds and mixtures


They are clean and easy to use, can be fished on the hook or as an additive and will catch most freshwater species… it’s no wonder that cooked seeds and mixtures are among the most popular baits in Europe.

Bait and tackle company Carp Zoom has been making these versatile baits for more than 15 years and says that sales are growing rapidly in recent times as more anglers become aware that they can be used for most fishing styles.

“Sales have increased a lot in the last five years and they have become a big part of our overall business,” says the Hungarian company’s Managing Director, Salim Fadil.

 “We have kept that momentum going by continuously adapting to new fishing trends and by meeting the demand from anglers for new flavours.”

Fadil also attributes Carp Zoom’s success in the category to using only the highest quality grain, optimum cooking times, specially flavoured ingredients and an expiry time of two years that is double that of some other products in the market.

Fadil says that all baits in its Turbo Seed Plus range sell well, but pressed to select a best seller, he opts for Carp Zoom’s 3X Mix. “Anglers like to add it to groundbait as well as using it in feeder baskets and PVA bags,” he says.

The company’s latest additions to its offering include a specially flavoured version of corn developed for grass carp, and 7X Mix, which includes tiger nuts, chick peas, red corn, maize, hempseed and maple pea.

A wide range of different flavours includes favourites like pineapple, strawberry, mango and chilli, as well as well as the ever-reliable natural.

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