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First details of new Trokar hook for ICAST


A new hook soon to hit the market will keep bait alive and drastically reduce fouling, says its US manufacturer. Leading hook brand Trokar will officially unveil its Bait Saver Circle Hook at ICAST in July.

Developed in collaboration with anglers Captain Rick Murphy and Captain Jot Owens, the hook features a carefully-positioned monofilament loop that secures the bait without damaging the gills, preventing premature bait death and reducing the chances of fouling.

Based upon the already proven design of Trokar’s TK5, the Bait Saver Circle Hook has been designed to give anglers confidence that their bait will stay alive and effective for longer. It will be available in sizes 7/0, 8/0 and 9/0.

“The collaboration with Rick and Jot has been instrumental in perfecting this design,” said Mike Rosasco (pictured), Head of Product Development at Trokar. “We are excited to offer a hook that ensures bait longevity, reduces fouling and delivers the Trokar performance anglers rely on.”

Trokar belongs to the family of brands that also includes Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp, Wright & McGill and Shapell.

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