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Maver of Italy adds its weight to Angling International LIVE


One of the oldest fishing brands in the world will be at Angling International LIVE and looking to boost its presence in the host nation.

Maver’s Sebastiano Brunelli told Angling International that following its partnership with Hungarian bait manufacturer, Energofish, it is looking to sign up retailers from the country and the surrounding region.

“We are expanding the brand in Europe in a positive way and have good working relations in many countries. However, we are looking to expand in eastern Europe as well as Spain and Germany.”

Maver traces its proud history back to 1911 and has gained a first class reputation for producing goods with the highest engineering standards and Reglass carbon.

On show at Angling International LIVE will be Bolognese rods, poles and seatboxes alongside Japanese-made monofilament lines and Katana hooks, both of which Maver has been distributing in Italy for many decades.

Brunelli says it is seeking partners who are looking for high quality goods and recognise the Maver brand with affection. “Our parent company, Paioli, also distributes some other important brands and we believe that these goods can be successful as they provide something different for anglers.

“The relationship between price and quality is significant even if our goods are typically in the medium to high level. Our prices are strictly connected to quality with over half concentrated on the high-end of the market.

“Experience in production, development and the changing market differentiates the Maver team from the competition and allows us to produce superb quality at the same time. We are keen to produce products that suit all anglers – cheaper items are available but always complying to strict Maver standards.

“We are super-flexible in dealing with customers in order to enable the best conditions to work in the open markets in a correct way.”

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