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Leading industry figure delivers Weihai CGC verdict


Angling International’s recent story on the Weihai CGC Show prompted response from other industry figures that attended the event, including Kamil Czerminski, Managing Director of the Abramis business in Poland.

Czerminski travelled to the industrial heart of the Chinese fishing industry with the objective of meeting manufacturers and was happy the show helped to achieve that goal.

But he also has reservations. “The new location is, in my opinion, not as good as the previous one,” said Czerminski. “And compared to the last Weihai Show we saw much fewer innovative products.

“I also felt the number of booths did not translate into quality and it was more difficult to find what you were looking for.”

Asked to compare Weihai to China Fish, he felt it was not a legitimate comparison because the last China Fish was in 2019. “Too many things have changed since then,” he said.

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