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Angling groups prevent ‘crazy’ attempt to ban fishing in Amsterdam


An attempt to ban street fishing in one of Europe’s major capitals has been defeated.

Amsterdam City Council has voted against a proposal submitted by the animal rights group, the Party for the Animals (PvdD), to ban fishing in the world famous city. The angling community, led by fishing representative bodies Sportvisserij Nederland and Sportvisserij MidWest Nederland, spearheaded opposition to the plan which would have had serious consequences for the recreational fishing industry.

The majority of council members spoke out against the plan to ban fishing at a meeting last week and the decision not to adopt the PvdD proposal will be ratified at a future meeting of the council.

It was the second time that PvdD had tried to have fishing banned in Amsterdam – a previous attempt was thrown out by the city council. On its website, Sportvisserij MidWest Nederland said: “The sportfishing community won’t let this happen – it is too crazy for words. How can you want to ban an activity that so many Amsterdam residents – both young and old – enjoy and connects thousands of city dwellers with nature?

“This action by the PvdD is at odds for what the capital stands for – an inclusive, tolerant city where everyone can participate regardless of age, origin or income. Furthermore, it is inappropriate and completely unjustified that the PvdD promotes the banning of recreational fishing as ‘good for fish’.

“The Amsterdam Angling Association (AHV) was the first to campaign for better water quality in the city’s canals. It was the same body that drew attention to the consequences of sewer overflows and made it possible to build nature-friendly banks.

“AHV is still the main association that – with the help of countless volunteers – rescues fish in distress, investigates fish stocks and takes care of monitoring and preservation.”

Among others, AHV Board member, Rudy Monden, and various well known Amsterdam anglers and recreational fishing experts will speak during the council meeting this week.

Pictures courtesy of Sportvisserij MidWest Nederland

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