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Northland takes on sales of a Bassmaster Classic winner


Northland Fishing Tackle has agreed a deal to distribute and sell the Bass Tactics company’s Smeltinator and Smeltinator Underspin Jigs under the Northland brand name.

Jeff ‘Gussy’ Gustafson – a Northland sponsored angler – used the Smeltinator to win this year’s Bassmaster Classic title and is a long-time advocate of the jig that has been at the forefront of the Canadian tournament scene for a decade.

However, availability of the Smeltinator jigs has not been high, with Ontario-based Bass Tactics struggling to keep pace with demand.

Now Bass Tactics founder and Smeltinator creator, Bryan Gustafson (no relation), has joined forces with Minnesota’s Northland to upscale production, product development, marketing and sales.

“The moulds, manufacturing and overall design will remain the same, but will now fall under the Northland banner,” said Mike Anselmo, Northland’s Marketing Director. “Bryan Gustafson has a winner on his hands with the Smeltinator.

“We will step in and make sure that the availability and supply will keep up with the growing demand. In just a short time, anglers across the globe will have no issues getting their hands on these outstanding jigs.”

Main picture: (from left): John Peterson (Northland founder), Jeff Gustafson and Bryan Gustafson.

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