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Luck E Strike steps up pace on new products


New product from Luck E Strike, the bait and tackle brand now owned by country music superstar Toby Keith, will soon be available.

The company has produced about 40,000 hard lures in the last two weeks and painting and other finishing touches are now underway.

“Toby and I have talked about keeping our foot on the gas and making as many lures as we possibly can,” said General Manager Jeff Williams. “We could be packaging some of our American-made hard baits for shipping by the end off this month or the middle of next.”

And Keith is sticking by his pledge to make as much product as possible at Luck E Strike’s facility in Greenwood, Arkansas, with the rebranded line now in a new red, white and blue colour scheme.

“I know a bunch of pro-anglers and they are all telling me if I can get them the stuff they will fish with it,” said Keith.

The company is endorsed by National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame member, Jimmy Houston. “It’s a big deal for the fishing industry as a whole to have Toby involved and bringing this brand back to where it ought to be,” said Houston.

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