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Mustad unveils its sharpest-ever hook


Mustad has introduced a range of hooks for the bass market that it says are even sharper and slimmer than its acclaimed UltraPoint 4.3 assortment.

According to the Norwegian company, the new AlphaPoint 4.8 uses a sharpening process that produces an elongated and shallower point section that is sharper than anything it has produced before.

The wide gap and finesse styles cover a wide range of bass fishing applications, with new profiles, new finish and a new pin to hold soft plastics securely, with bladed and weighted alternatives for swimbait rigs.

They can also be used for other species, with both freshwater and saltwater hooks included in the comprehensive line-up. 

“These new AlphaPoint hooks give anglers more alternatives and a greater degree of adaptability to meet their demands,” said Mustad’s US Marketing Director, Andy Baumbach.

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