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KastKing offers glimpse into future at ICAST


KastKing’s new Bluetooth-equipped iReel offers a glimpse into the future, says the New York tackle brand.

The iReel has been entered in the New Product Showcase at the ICAST trade show with the promise that it is poised to transform how the baitcaster interacts with the angler.

This from KastKing: “This is the most innovative piece of fishing equipment that anglers can wrap their hands around. Its radical design, modern materials and technologies achieve an unprecedented level of casting precision and control.

“Using Bluetooth to pair the iReel with your smartphone and the KastKing App, the initial set-up begins with inputting the line type, test and diameter. The iReel employs highly-accurate motion capture sensors in the spool assembly to provide anglers with precise casting metrics, including the number of casts made, average distance, farthest cast, retrieve speed and more. 

“By having real-time access to this valuable information, anglers can enhance their understanding of the fishing environment, analyse their successes and failures and make adaptations based on the prevailing conditions,” says KastKing.

“Gone are the days of relying solely on manual adjustments and an educated rule of thumb to prevent backlashes. The iReel introduces Intelligent Frequency Control (IFC) to evaluate variables such as spool speed, inertia and line tension to optimise performance in real-time, mitigating backlash and ensuring smooth and accurate casts regardless of wind speed or lure weight.

“Unlike any bass reel ever developed, iReel integrates IFC microcontroller sensors within the frame and side plate. These analyse spool data and automatically apply or release a sophisticated electromagnetic braking system..

“KastKing’s proprietary Axis Eye line guide is yet another innovative mechanism designed to enhance casting by reducing friction as line exits the reel. The uniquely shaped and mobile Axis Eye line guide features a slick silicon nitride coating that dissipates heat, allowing braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon lines to glide freely across the surface.”

Visitors to ICAST who want to learn more about the iReel will find it on booth 2023.

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