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Berkley recalls first batch of CullShad lures from retailers


The first batch of the new Berkley CullShad released to retailers has been recalled. The Pure Fishing brand has identified some deformities and inconsistencies in the bait’s hardness that compromise its action.

Berkley says it will replace any purchased CullShad at no cost with one that performs as it should. The brand says there is no need to return the original purchase, but has issued instruction to those anglers wishing to receive a replacement in the same colour and size.

Anglers are asked to take a picture of the bait or baits next to a piece of paper detailing their name and the date they are submitting the photo. They should then visit www.berkley-fishing.com/cullshad-replacement or use a QR code to upload the photo and fill in the required information.

All replacement requests must be received by July 31st, 2023, and replacements will be shipped by the end of August.

Berkley says a next batch of CullShads, made to the correct standards, is already in production. “We take great pride in the Berkley CullShad and firmly support its innovative design,” said Berkley’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jon Schlosser.

“We have a responsibility to anglers to guarantee that each product performs according to its intended design. Therefore, we are proactively taking steps to address the concerns related to the CullShad by implementing a replacement programme for affected customers, aiming to ensure their utmost satisfaction in light of the inconsistencies found within the first batch of baits.”

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