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Savage Gear unveils ‘ultimate offshore lure’ for big game fish


Is it a bird, is it a plane…? No, it’s the new Savage Gear BFT Flyer, a soft lure designed to be the ultimate offshore lure for big game fish.

The Pure Fishing brand says the Flyer will ‘captivate anglers with its realism’, achieved through a meticulous 3D scan of an actual flying fish.

With 16-inch wings spanning a 16-inch body, the Flyer may look delicate, but anglers are assured the PVC construction can withstand the hardest hits.

The wings and harness are removable, and the BFT Flyer can be either trolled or fished from a kite, with a variety of fishing actions to seek out saltwater species such as tuna and billfish. 

The line-through design means that when a fish is hooked the Flyer surges up the leader and prevents the lure’s weight being used as leverage.

“We worked with a highly-skilled team that specialises in catching giant bluefin tuna,” says Theis Gronemann, Marketing Manager for Savage Gear. “It is finely tuned for both topwater trolling and kite fishing and will exceed the success of anything currently available.”

The Flyer comes with an additional set of wings, an extra rig and the parts needed for rigging.

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