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Meet the Angling International team at EFTTEX in Budapest


It’s back – and Angling International will be there to capture every moment of the return of Europe’s premier fishing tackle trade show.

EFTTEX is returning from Thursday after a four-year break and the Angling International team of Editor Anthony Hawkswell (opposite top) and owner and International Sales Director Rob Carter (opposite bottom) will be in attendance during all three days of the show.

Be sure to stop us for a chat as we celebrate getting back together with friends and customers from the European trade. Feel free to reach out to us while enjoying a free beer and ghoulash at the newly introduced Happy Hour on the first day of the show.

Congratulations must go to Istvan Pal and his organising team for getting the new-look show off the ground. Pal’s determination to ensure that the industry has a meeting place that fits the varied needs of the industry is to be applauded and we fervently hope that you will support his efforts.

The world and the way we do business has changed since the onset of COVID and that will be reflected at this week’s EFTTEX. While major players will not be present with a booth, many will be represented in the New Product Showcase, including the likes of Pure Fishing, Shimano and Mustad.

Traditionally the highlight of every EFTTEX, the awards are evolving and becoming more relevant for the industry with new categories introduced last year to better reflect the changing landscape of the trade in Europe.

EFTTEX steadfastly remains a trade show, but the exhibition is moving with the times and recognising the influence of anglers and the need to keep them informed – particularly when it comes to new product launches. That is why social media influencers have been invited to attend the show and relay information on all the latest tackle developments.

Teaming up with Angling International’s B2C platform, Tacklestream, EFTTEX – for the first time ever – reached out to fishermen last year by offering them the chance to vote for their favourite new tackle in the Angler’s Choice Awards. This year it has strengthened its bond with consumers further with the introduction of the Fishing in Europe video competition, with the winners of that online contest being announced at EFTTEX.

Carter said: “We applaud EFTTEX and its efforts to make a trade show that is more relevant and fits the needs of a changing industry and wish it well for the coming three days.”


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