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New partnership is the key to global growth for Lapland watercraft maker


A Lapland-based maker of fishing watercraft has secured the services of an online retail and e-commerce specialist to help it gain access to international markets.

ICROSS, which has developed a pattern-protected watercraft invention, will be using Rankona Mazon’s global expertise in sales on Amazon after signing a Sweet Equity partnership agreement.

Carl Helgesson, CEO for Rankona Mazon, told Angling International: “The collaboration promises long-term benefits for both parties. ICROSS will gain access to Rankona Mazon’s know-how in international markets, enabling it to increase its worldwide footprint. Meanwhile, Rakona Mazon will have the opportunity to work with an innovative product like ICROSS and leverage its expertise in the fishing industry.

“Through its extensive knowledge of Amazon and its international markets, Rankona Mazon can help customers build successful businesses on the platform, ensuring that ICROSS fulfils it potential by being placed where it can achieve the best results.”

Helgesson added that his company was persuaded to take a share in the business because the ICROSS product is ‘super innovative’. “Demand for the ICROSS will be insane,” he added.

“ICROSS watercraft has become extremely popular very quickly because of its multiple usage that enables fishermen to reach areas where they can’t normally go. There is no such product on the market.”

Adam Westerman, CEO and co-founder of ICROSS with Jakob Nyland, said: “Our partnership with Rankona Mazon is the perfect match for our company. With its expertise and success on the Amazon marketplace, ICROSS will have the platform to bring our innovative and multi-functional watercraft to a wider audience and make it easier for everyone to experience nature. The ICROSS watercraft has been tested in different terrains and is suitable for all types of climates and water conditions.”

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