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US gets exclusive distributor of Japanese fly storage brand


Ranger Outdoors, the New York company doing business as the Angler Sport Group (ASG), has become the exclusive North American distributor for Japanese fly storage brand C&F Design.

The agreement gives ASG complete access to C&F’s full line of fly boxes, fly tying equipment and accessories.

Dave Luzader, President and CEO of Ranger Outdoors, said: “We look forward to an exciting future with an expanded product catalogue and industry opportunities.”

Over the past year, C&F has introduced an all-new modular box system including new sizes, box colours and an interchangeable, hassle-free foam system that allows anglers to use one box with multiple foams.

The system also includes boat boxes that can carry up to 16 large system foams, providing space for feather and fur.

C&F started in 1993 as part of Yonenoi Design, an industrial firm in Japan. The agreement with Ranger Outdoors takes effect immediately and pre-orders will begin in the second quarter.

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