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Lead in fishing tackle restrictions ‘soon’ EFTTA told


A European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) delegation met with EU Commission officials currently working on a legislative proposal to restrict the use of lead in fishing tackle and ammunition, reported on this website on April 19.

Posting a summary of the meeting online, EFTTA’s man in Brussels, Jan Kappel, said the Commission made it very clear that there is a need for lead restrictions and that it is currently discussing and drafting a proposal to be presented to member states.

The proposal will be dealt with “soon” by the REACH committee (registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals).

The process is expected to continue for about another year and a half before final adoption, reports Kappel, with the timing depending on the Commission’s negotiations with member states. A qualified majority vote in favour is needed for adoption (55% of member states representing at least 65% of the EU population).

“EFTTA is generally supporting the lead restrictions as suggested by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) with regard to fishing tackle (sinkers and lures), but asked the Commission to add a few minor derogations,” said Kappel. These were:

• For brass used in tackle products, EFTTA asks a maximum limit of 3% lead, instead of ECHA’s proposed 1%.

• A derogation for small dust shot of 0.06g or less, instead of the total ben suggested by ECHA.

• EFTTA requested the transition period for all products be extended to five years, rather than ECHA’s proposed three years for sinkers 50g and below, and five years for bigger sinkers.

The EFTTA delegation also informed the Commission that it can accept both a use ban as well as a no use ban because there are justifiable arguments for and against both provisions. The Association urged the Commission to be very precise when phrasing the scope in its legislative proposal, in order to avoid surprises later on.

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