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The European braiding machines designed to power your business


German company Ockert has been making fishing line for more than 70 years, building a formidable reputation in the industry for quality, technology, reliability and competitive pricing.

Ockert not only manufactures its lines on home soil, putting quality control in its own safe hands, it also provides spooling, packaging and design services for its many OEM customers. The company-owned factory is the largest PE braid-making facility in Europe and produces a wide range of lines to meet any requirements.

Ockert is particularly proud of the fact that it produces the smallest diameter braid available anywhere. “There is no company in the world capable of making something smaller,” confirms Export Manager Christian Rademann. “We provide Japanese size 0.2 PE eight-carrier braid and a 0.1 PE four-carrier braid for our OEM customers. In metric scales we go below 0.05mm, corresponding to 0.002 of an inch.”

Any fishing tackle company selling or considering selling fishing line is a potential OEM customer for this award-winning business. “Having our own facility in Germany means that our customers are assured of quick, flexible and reliable manufacture and delivery of their product,” added Rademann. “Different production processes allow us to customise different types of braid to perfectly suit a brand’s requirement.” These include multicolour braids, fused braids, coated braids, extremely supple or less supple braids, abrasion resistant and braids designed to cast extreme distances and more. “There are also multiple packaging options, such as biodegradable spools, recyclable cardboard boxes and even injection molding to create unique spools.”

And Ockert has no issues when it comes to volume. More than 4,000 braiding machines run around the clock to produce a wide range of braids made from PE, polyamide, polyester, kevlar, PTFE and other materials.

The staff includes many long-serving employees with a deep knowledge of their trade who can be relied upon to maintain the high product quality for which Ockert has become known. Team members also speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Hungarian and German, ensuring that communication is never a problem. Ockert added to its expertise in October last year with the appointment of Joerg Schramm (below) as International Sales and Marketing Manager. Schramm brings extensive knowledge and experience of the sports industry that includes manufacturing and product development. “Joerg really strengthens our team and allows us to maintain service and product development with our OEM customers at a very high level, even though requirements have exploded over the past few years,” says Rademann.

Rademann is also excited by the advances made by Ockert in the fluorocarbon market, revealing that it can now supply an ‘alternative to fluorocarbon’ that is better in all respects. “This brand new mono is extremely strong and allows anglers to fish smaller diameters than with conventional fluoro-carbon.” Its knot strength is particularly strong in comparison, he explains. “It is also extremely abrasion resistant, has low elasticity for direct contact and control, is super transparent and virtually invisible. And with a density of approximately 1.4, it quickly breaks the water’s surface and sinks.

“It performs best when fly fishing for trout, but can be used in all types of fishing and is ideal for tying terminal rigs when seeking perch, zander or pike. Ockert still offers a range of fluorocarbon and yes, classic fluorocarbon does have advantages for certain applications and is a must-have for the avid predator angler. But this new material is a game-changer in leader material when super delicate tackle is required.

“It is further proof that anyone in the trade looking for fishing line will find what they want at Ockert.”


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